All about me!

Our week was full of fun as we learned all about each and every child.  We discussed what makes us special and unique individuals.  We practiced name recognition with a few fun activites and  learned all about manners too.

Sing with Me

I am Special

(to the tune of London Bridge)

I am special. Yes I am,

Yes I am, yes I am.

I am special. Yes, I am.

I’m very special.

No one else has hair like mine.

Just like mine, just like mine.

No one else has hair like mine.

I’m very special.

No else has a face like mine

Just like mine, just like mine.

No one has a face like mine.

I’m very special.

(continue with nose, eyes, mouth etc.)

Story Time

prescool all about me books

We read “I Like Myself” by  Karen Beaumont and “The Way I feel” by Janan Cain.  “I Like Myself” is all about self awareness and what makes us different makes us beautiful.  “The Way I Feel” is a book all about emotional expressing, everyone has feelings and everyone gets mad, sad, happy, silly and bored.

Craft Time

preschool all about me craft

The children made paper people to look just like themselves.  They were able to choose from a variety of clothes and hair colors to make their person special.

preschool all about me craft

preschool all about me craft

The end result was beautiful girls….

all about me preschool craft

And handsome boys!

getting getting tto know you preschool activity

During circle time I asked the question: “What do you like about you?”  The children were able to tell the class why they are unique.   The children loved getting up and talking all about themselves.


I measured the children with string and asked them what they liked and didn’t like.  I hung them up so they could see how tall they were.  I told them I would measure them again to see how much they grow through out the year.



My Name is Special

Everybody has a name

Some are different

Some the same

Some are short

Some are long

All are right

None are wrong

I like my name

It’s special to me

It’s exactly who

I want to be!

Sing with Me

Name Game

(to the tune of “Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone)

Where oh where, oh where is (child’s name)

Where oh where, oh where is (child’s name)

Where oh where, oh where is (child’s name)

Where could (child’s name) be?


As I sang the song each child came up, found their name on the board, then added it to the alphabet line after telling me what letter their name started with.

preschool name recognition

preschool name recognition

preschool name recognition

We also practiced spelling our names by searching for  magnet letters and adding them to the cookie sheet.

Manners At School

Story Time



We read lots of books all about manners at school!  We read:  “Manners” by Aliki, “Clifford’s Manners” by Norman Bridwell, “The Way I Act” by Steve Metzger and  “Manners at School” by Carrie Finn.

These books teach great lessons all about kindness, respecting others, following directions, self control and being polite.  During circle time Ms. Lia and I role played different situations and had the children tell us how to use our manners, then we acted out the situation again using our manners.

Sing With Me

Catch A Sneeze

(to the tune of Here We Go ‘Round The Mulberry Bush”)

This is the way we catch a sneeze

Catch a sneeze, catch a sneeze.

This is the way we catch a sneeze

To keep the germs away.

(pretend to catch a sneeze in a tissue or your elbow)

Craft Time

teaching manners at school

To go along with our song and books we made faces catching a sneeze into a tissue.



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2 Responses to “All about me!”

  1. Kim Spurgeon (Leah's mom) says:

    I love these activities focusing on diversity and what you like about yourself. I’ve been asking Leah to tell me one thing about her so this ties into your theme. So sweet she loves her pigtails :0). I can’t wait to stop in next week and read what she said about her other likes and dislikes.

    • admin says:

      We are having a great start to the year! It has been so much fun asking questions and hearing their cute responses, they love talking about themselves. Leah is so proud of all of her art work that we have hung up, stop in soon! :)

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