Apples, apples everywhere!

We learned all about apples today. They come in different colors, they have a core and seeds.  The story “Apples, Apples, Apples” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace showed the children how apples are planted, grown, picked and eaten.   We have been reading about apples and even tasting them!  We had a taste test and then polled the children on which one they liked best…..the consensus was red, then green and yellow came in last.  The craft today was apple stamping, pretty fun! We also examined the apples and their seeds with magnifying glasses.

Apples, Apples, Apples

painting with apples

Painting with an apple cut in half. Painting with apples.


 apple prints

Apple Prints
apples in preschool

Examining an apple with a magnifying glass.

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  1. Salina Scott says:

    Thanks so much for the blog info. This is an awesome way to view Ezra’s day at school. He did mention that he wanted us to purchase yellow and green apples!

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