From Trash to Treasure…

April 19, 2015

The best things really do come to you when you’re not looking.  I love a good antique/vintage shop, browsing,  wandering around aimlessly.  Several months ago I happened to pass a shop on my way home from work.  I thought to myself, “Why not stop and take a look around?” And that’s where I found it…the project that was waiting for me.  I was looking at the chairs and the man that worked in the shop asked me if I was looking for something in particular.  I really didn’t need a chair, but I wanted one.  So he showed me a few that really weren’t my style and I just continued to browse around and was about to leave  when he brought out this….


I had really thought that the chair looked awful, but the bones of it were great.  He told me that it is a great chair to reupholster and that it wouldn’t be that hard.  He asked me to make an offer…and for $25 it was mine…and I had myself a project!  The next step was choosing a fabric.  There are so many great fabrics, but I ended up on my favorite website,!  It was a hard decision, but  a fun one and I chose a turquoise and off white french inspired fabric…





The first step was removing all of the old, rusty upholstery tacks.  This proved a tedious task as the tacks were very difficult to remove with out damaging the wood or popping them out across the room and leaving the sharp rusty tacks all over the floor.  But it became an easy once we figured out the method that worked.  We used an upholstery tack removing tool and wedged it under the tacks and slowly pried them up and then off.



Some of the old tacks were salvageable, but many were damaged from removal, either they were badly bent or the head of the tack had completely popped off.  I wasn’t sure how many of the tacks I would use, since I had purchased a coordinating turquoise trim to go along the edges.



We were careful to look  how the chair was assembled as we removed the old fabric so that when we reassembled the chair it would be an easier job.


The stuffing that was underneath the old fabric was in decent shape and I saved myself a lot of time by using the existing material.


I then placed the old pieces of fabric on the new fabric and used it as a pattern.   I traced along the old pieces and allowed an additional 2 inches to fold over to make a seam.



I then placed the new, cut pieces over the chair to ensure a proper fit.  I did have to cut another seat for the chair because it was too small and I did not allow enough fabric for the curve along the bottom edge of the seat.



We then folded the fabric over to make a clean line and began stapling the fabric to the frame as close to the wood as possible.  It was important to pull the fabric tightly as possible as  we stapled to ensure a proper fit.



We then continued…folding, pulling and stapling the fabric around the whole frame of the chair.  I then took the trim and hot glued it as close to the wood as possible covering the staples.


And…at last it was done!  I was so happy with the completed project!!


But…the best part of all was what I found inside the chair!!  On the floor, under the chair, as  I was taking it apart was a 1918 Mercury Dime.  I was shocked!  The chair now has a story.  And I wondered…who’s pocket change was this, when did this happen?



I couldn’t bear to put the dime away in a box, so I decided to make it into a necklace.  I purchased a coin bezel from ebay for about $10…And this necklace now has a story too!


The Man-dalier

FullSizeRender (6)

I also had to add the creative genius of my boyfriend.  He transformed the chandelier in the dining room into a very unique lighting option.  Balvenie Scotch Whiskey comes in these cardboard paper cylinders.  He thought that they should be put to a better use and he created the



FullSizeRender (1)


FullSizeRender (2)

It actually creates a softer, more ambient lighting…and it is genius!


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Fourth of July Wreath…

June 11, 2013

I am so excited for the Fourth of July!  I am gearing up early after I found lots of goodies at the Dollar Tree.  They have a great selection of patriotic decorations that were perfect for putting on a wreath.



fourth of july wreath

I used 2 of the 9ft. garlands to wrap and hot glue around the foam wreath form.

fourth of july wreath

I used 5 pairs of flip flops in a size 5/6, the smallest they had and embellished them with foil stars and wire spangles.

fourth of july wreath

After I glued the flip flops down, I added more spangles by just poking the wire into the foam all around the wreath.

fourth of july wreath

It is a bit gaudy, but that is what makes it fun and unique.  Perfect to welcome guests this summer!



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Colorful Frames…

June 9, 2013

I love owls and my daughter loves owls!!  I had gotten her the owl art from Ikea for her bedroom last fall.  I love the turquoise, lime and pink colors in it!  It hangs above her bed and I was wanting to add something on either side.  Every time I went to Michael’s I kept seeing the Art Minds Laser Cut Frames and thought they would be perfect hanging next to it painted in the same bright colors.  This past Saturday I could not pass them up.  The small frames were on clearance for .99 cents and the larger ones were $2!  I had already had the paints at home so we were good to go!

This adorable owl print I picked up at Ikea for $9.99.


The laser cut frames were a steal and I had to get them now, sometimes when stores put things on clearance that can be your last chance.  Michael’s had many sizes and shapes to choose from.  From 4″x4″ to 16″x20″.  The possibilities are endless with these frames.


This was the perfect Saturday night craft project!


laser cut frames

They look so cute next to the owl print!  A super easy, inexpensive craft project.


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