Christmas in our classroom….

We were busy little elves the last few weeks and our class had so much fun making crafts for the holiday season!  We even had Santa himself visit our school!  We all gathered together and sang Christmas songs and got a picture with Santa too!

A Cookie for Santa

poem for santa

We made a special cookie that we painted and cut a bite out of, then glued it to a holiday plate and added a cute poem to go with it.

Reindeer Food

reindeer food for preschoolers

We can’t forget Santa’s reindeer, they work hard too.  To make this special treat just mix oats and glitter.  The magic glitter will sparkle in the moonlight and attract the reindeer to your yard.

reindeer food

Hand Print Santa’s

santa handprints

For the parent’s gifts, we made hand print Santa’s on a pot holder.  I painted each section of the child’s hand a different color.  The thumb and bottom of the hand I painted red, the palm I painted a skin tone and the fingers white.  After it was dry, I added fur around the hat, a pom pom, mustache and eyes.  A keepsake that parents will treasure for years to come!

Gift Bags

foot print reindeer

We made cute foot print reindeer gift bags to put the Santa pot holders in to give to the parents.  They children wiggled and giggled as I painted their feet and toes for this craft.

foot print reindeerWhen they were dry, I added google eyes, a red nose and antlers to complete the gift bag.

foot print reindeerThe bags turned out so cute and a perfect way to wrap the special gifts for the parents!

The week ended with a visit from Santa!

Merry Christmas to all!

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