Costumes of Halloween Past….

Since my children no longer want home made Halloween costumes, I thought I would get nostalgic and take a look back at all of the costumes I had made over the years.  It was a lot of fun finding and looking at these pictures.  As I went back in time Annabelle and Sam got younger and it made me miss them as babies and made me realize how fast the time does go!  Maybe next year I can convince them to let me make their costumes….maybe!

flower costume

Annabelle's 2nd Halloween, I made this flower costume out of felt.

flower costume

Annabelle's 2nd Halloween as a flower

 '50's girl costume

Annabelle's 3rd Halloween as a '50's girl, again I used felt for the skirt, ribbon and an iron on poodle

mermaid costume

Annabelle's 4th Halloween as a mermaid, she was so into mermaids when she was little!

mermaid costume

I think this is my favorite!

peacock costume

Annabelle as a peacock! This was so much fun to make and I loved painting her face too! Or maybe this is my favorite!

cowboy and indian costumes

Annabelle and Sam as Cowboy and Indian! I sprayed Annabelle's hair black for this one!

princess and the pea

Annabelle went as The Princess and the Pea for her Kindergarten Fairy Tale Parade

flamingo costume

Last year Annabelle was a flamingo!

gold fish costume

And Sam was a goldfish! I used a TON of cupcake liners and hot glue for this costume and I remember I had a really hard time finding gold and yellow. But it turned out so cute!

tree costume

And me as the tree top from Rock A Bye Baby at my preschool's Mother Goose Parade 2011

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