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It has been a while since I have posted a craft that I have made.  I was getting antsy and had too much coffee today, so I took a trip to Michael”s to see what kind of trouble I could get into.  I love the store Lush and all of the gorgeous, hand made soaps and yummy goodies that they have.  It can get a little expensive, so after sifting through my many pins on Pinterest, I found a recipe for lotion bars.  This was by far one of the easiest crafts I have made yet.  You just measure and pour the ingredients and in a few minutes, maybe 10-15, I had massage/lotion bars cooling on my counter tops!

home made lotion bar ingredients

I took a trip to Chuck’s, my local all natural market, and found the bees wax pearls, essential oils, lavender pods and rose petals.  I then made a stop at Michael’s and got the molds, glitter and all natural bees wax bar.  I had coconut oil and olive oil.

home made lotion

Over a double boiler over medium heat and 2 inches of water, I measured 1/2 cup of bees wax pearls, 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1/2 cup of olive oil.  The bees wax pearls are a lot easier to measure out, as the block of bees wax is hard to cut and grate.  I think I will use the pearls from now on.

After everything is melted add about 25-30 drops of essential oil.  I used lavender and lemongrass.

home made lotion bars

Once every thing was melted, letting it cool slightly, I poured it into the molds, then sprinkled in the lavender pods, rose petals and just a little bit of the irridescent glitter.


home made lotion bars

Once they were cooled and hardened, I popped them out onto parchment paper and wrapped them up.


They are heavenly!  The lavender pods give it a nice texture, exfoliating almost, but may be a tad too scratchy to use directly on delicate areas.  I just hold the bar in my hand and let it melt a little and then apply it to dry hands, feet and any where else that needs hydration.  The combinations are endless and I can’t wait to try different fragrances!

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