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I wanted to share some of the things that I have done around my own home, “BB”(before blogging)!  This past spring I remodeled my really teeny, tiny bathroom.  I mean it is small, maybe 3ft.x5ft.  I found some really pretty vintage looking bird prints at HomeGoods for $7.99 a piece.  I hung them on the wall, but they just looked naked.  So I extended the whimsical tree branches that are in the print onto the wall.  Pretty easy, and it really made it work!

vintage bird prints

Vintage bird print that I dressed up a bit, by extending the tree branches onto the wall.

vintage bird prints

Another dressed up print in the bathroom.

Last year I also added some art in our master bedroom.  I had gotten a similar kit for my friend and brother from Red Envelope for Christmas.  But I decided to try it out on my own and get the supplies from JoAnn.  I used 4 8×8 square canvas, painted them to match our bedroom (we have an ocean theme)  Then used coordinating paint for our hand prints.  It is such a great keepsake of our family and such a cute way to remember the kids hands from when they were little.

family hand prints

Our family hand prints.

family hand prints

Hand prints.

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