Dinosaur Week…

We had a great week exploring  dinosaurs during our second week of summer camp!  We learned all about these ancient creatures by reading stories, singing songs, making a craft and going on an awesome field trip to Dinosaur World.

Sing With Me

(to the tune of :  “The Ants Go Marching”)

Dinos stomping [one by one]

Let’s stomp, let’s stomp!

Dinos stomping [one by one]

Let’s stomp, let’s stomp!

Dinos stomping [one by one]

The little one stomped [to have some fun].

And they all went stomping down

On the ground

To hear how it sounds!

Boom!  Boom!  Boom!

Add additional verses, with the following:

Two by two; and hollered “Boo!”

Three by three; and ate a tree!

Four by four; and gave a roar!

Five by five; and danced a jive!

Story Time

dinosaur books

We read “Dinosaurs Galore” by Giles Andreae and “Stomp” by Ruth Paul.

Arts and Crafts

dinosaur craft

Dinos came to life as we made fun paper dinosaurs with hand print spikes.

dinosaur craft

dinosaur craft

Field Trip

Dinosaur World

dinosaur worldWe went back in time to visit the dinosaurs when we took a trip to Dinosaur World.  We went on a dinosaur trail trek and saw many different types of dinosaurs, pretended we were paleontologists and went on a fossil dig where the children got to keep the fossils that they dug for and got to climb a dinosaur’s tail on the amazing playground!

dinosaur world

dinosaur world

Plan your trip to Dinosaur World by clicking here.  It was a fun adventure for all ages!


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