Dr. Seuss Day…

We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss today.  It is such a fun celebration.  Dr. Seuss’ books are so fun to read and they really capture the children’s attention.



Seuss at Storytime

A book by De. Seuss, you say?

Dr. Seuss?  Hooray!  Hooray!

His books are full of silly rhymes.

Let’s read one for storytime!

Sing With Me

Do You Know a Cat?

(to the tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low”)

Do you know a cat

In a very tall striped hat?

An umbrella on his arm,

He is always full of charm!

He is silly as can be.

If you meet him, you will see.

Do you know this cat?

Story Time

the cat in the hat

We read “The Cat in the Hat” and the “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” by Dr. Seuss.

the cat in the hat

Craft Time

dr. seuss handprint craft

We made hand print Cat in the Hat’s to go along with our story.  The hat is one hand painted red and white, fingers pointing up.  The cats face is the hand painted black with a white circle in the middle with the fingers pointing down.  I added the details of the face and bow tie.

cat in the hat hand print craft



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