“Egg”cellent Eggs…

Yesterday we started the week with E and eggs.  During Circle Time we read “Green Eggs and Ham” the loved classic by Dr. Seuss and learned a new game using an egg carton.  The carton cups were numbered and we put a marble inside, then the kids shook the carton while we chanted a poem.  Then they opened the carton and had to say the number where the marble landed.  This game was not only fun,  they were also learning number recognition.  Then we made hatching eggs, with a baby e coming out of the egg.

Egg Shake

Shake it to the left

Shake it to the right

Shake it, shake it with all your might!

egg game

Our egg game

egg game

Giving the carton a good shake!

egg game

Revealing the number

green eggs and ham

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

egg craft

Making our hatching eggs

egg craft

Adding the baby e

egg craft

Adding an eye, feather and beak. Now its a baby e "chick" hatching.

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