Fourth of July Wreath…

I am so excited for the Fourth of July!  I am gearing up early after I found lots of goodies at the Dollar Tree.  They have a great selection of patriotic decorations that were perfect for putting on a wreath.



fourth of july wreath

I used 2 of the 9ft. garlands to wrap and hot glue around the foam wreath form.

fourth of july wreath

I used 5 pairs of flip flops in a size 5/6, the smallest they had and embellished them with foil stars and wire spangles.

fourth of july wreath

After I glued the flip flops down, I added more spangles by just poking the wire into the foam all around the wreath.

fourth of july wreath

It is a bit gaudy, but that is what makes it fun and unique.  Perfect to welcome guests this summer!



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