Gettin’ Buggy…..

This week was all about bugs!  Crawling bugs, creepy bugs, flying bugs, you name it and we learned about it.  We had fun reading lots of buggy books, learning a fun new song and making a craft all centered on bugs.

I used our plastic bugs from our science center in the song below.  I held them up when we sang about them.

plastic bugs

Do You See Bugs?

(to the tune of “The Muffin Man”)

Do you see a grasshopper, a grasshopper, a grasshopper?

Do you see a grasshopper? It leaps around like this…

Do you see a butterfly, a butterfly, a butterfly?

Do you see a butterfly?  It flits around like this…

Do you see a brown spider, a brown spider, a brown spider?

Do you see a brown spider?  It creeps around like this…

Do yo see a bumble bee, a bumble bee, a bumble bee?

Do you see a bumble bee?  It flies around like this…

preschool bug books

We read “The Best Book of Bugs” by Claire Llewellyn  and “Bugs!  Bugs!  Bugs!” by Bob Barner.  The Best Book of Bugs is a great scientific book that takes an in depth look at bugs and their natural habitats.  We learned so much about bugs and that they are not just creepy.  They are all creatures of God and have important jobs to do.   We talked about how bugs are not mean and only bite because they are looking for food or they might feel threatened and to never touch bugs for that reason.

preschool bumble bee craft

Our happy little bees that we made out of  small paper plates and wax paper for the wings.

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