Giraffe starts with G….

We learned all about giraffes and the letter Gg too.  We read a book about real giraffes and learned many facts too.  They live in Africa and have very long tongues, about the size of your arm.  I showed the children a video of real giraffes so they could see them in action!  Click here to see the giraffes.

Sing with Me

The Giraffe and the Tall Tree

(to the tune: “Apple Tree”)

Way up high in the tall, tall tree

Three little leaves looked down at me.

I stretched my neck as far as I could,

I stretched my tongue,


Mmmmm, they were good!

Story Time


We read “Giraffes” by Catherine Ipcizade.  This book gave a lot of real facts all about giraffes and the environment that they live in.

We also read “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andrae.  I love this book about a very clumsy giraffe who proves the whole jungle wrong by dancing to the beat of his own drum and learning to dance his own way.  The story teaches all about being yourself and being unique.

Craft Time

giraffe craft

The children made hand print giraffes for craft time.  When they were dry they  added brown spots to the yellow giraffes.

giraffe craft

giraffe craft

giraffe craft


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