H is for Hippo…


Last week we learned all about the letter Hh, the sound it makes and all about Hippos!  We talked about how they look, how they might feel and where they live too.  Bush Gardens has a wonderful hippo aquarium with a ton of fish.  It’s my favorite exhibit when we visit Bush Gardens!


Sing With Me

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

(to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

Hungry, hungry hippo,

Oh-h-h-h, so-o-o, sl-o-o-w,

Walk into the water,

And down…you…go!

Story Time

preschool books about hippos

We read “The Hiccupotamus” by Aaron Zenz and “The Huggapotamus” by Steve Metzger.  These are fun, silly books all about friendship!

h is for hug

Hugging like the Huggopotomus!  We all took turns choosing a friend to hug after reading “The Huggopotomus”!

preschool books about hippos

We also read “Hippo, No Rhino!” by Jeff Newman.  This is one of my favorite books!  This is a picutre book with  very few words.  A disgruntled rhino is annoyed that he is mislabeled as a hippo at the zoo.  The rhino makes sure he tells everyone that stops by his enclosure that he is indeed a rhino and hot a hippo.

And we read “The Hippo-Not-A-Mus”by Tony and Jan Payne.  This is another favorite of mine, all about being happy with who you are.  The young hippo is not happy living in the water just eating grass.  He wants to be different and tries to make himself like the other animals he encounters.  In the end he realizes that he is special just being a hippo.

Craft Time

h is for hippo craftWe made hippo hand prints by painting the child’s palm grey, then adding bubbles with a marker cap, green water grass and details to make the hippo’s face.

h is for hippo craft

h is for hippo craft

h is for hippo craft

H is for Humming Bird too!

h is for hummingbirds

We also made humming birds to go along with the letter Hh.  We used cupcake liners for the wings and assembled the cute little birds!

h is for humming bird


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