Halloween at the Salveson’s

Halloween is so much fun!  And we made a special dinner this year to celebrate.  We made Spooky Spaghetti Hot Dogs (we used Smart Dogs),  Trick or Treat Mac and Cheese and Creepy Chips and salsa.  We carved the pumpkins, had dinner and then prepared to go trick or treating.  It was a fun night!

spaghetti hot dogs

The Spooky Spaghetti Hot Dogs awaiting their doom! These are made when you pierce a hot dog that is cut in half, with spaghetti, then boil them.

halloween mac and cheese

The special Mac and Cheese I stumbled upon at Target!

halloween dinner

Our Halloween dinner

spaghetti hot dogs

Annabelle getting ready to enjoy her Spooky Spaghetti Hot Dog.

buzz light year costume

Sam as Buzz Lightyear, minus his shoes!

vampire costume

Annabelle as a vampire!

fancy witches hat

Me in my fancy witches hat!

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