Happy Meal toys get new life….on a wreath!

In our play room we had 2 shoe box bins full of Happy Meal toys and other trinkets from Dr. office visits and birthday parties. The kids really haven’t touched them since they first got them. What to do? Previously I had gone through them and given them to GoodWill. But I had remembered in Family Fun magazine they had glued them together and spray painted them gold to make a trophy. Then online I saw how you can hot glue them to a foam wreath form and make a cute wreath for a child’s playroom. I thought this was a great idea! I had a ton of JoAnn coupons that I had gotten in the mail, so this project was $6 and took less than an hour to make. This may even find its way onto my classroom door!

making a wreath

Start with your form and ribbon of choice, then wrap around the form and hot glue as you go

happy meal toys

The offending toys!


The wreath all wrapped up, ready for hot glue and toys

happy meal toy wreath

The finished toy wreath!

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