Happy Mother’s Day….

To celebrate Mother’s Day we were hard at work creating a lot of crafts, reading books and singing songs.  We love our mommy’s and had to show them how important and special they truly are.  It should be Mother’s Day everyday!  We also had a special Mother’s Day tea on Friday.  I was so busy preparing everything, I forgot my camera!  It was wonderful to see all of the moms spend the morning with their children, everyone had a great time.

 I Love Mommy

(to the tune of Frere Jaques)

I love mommy, I love mommy,

Yes, I do, yes, I do.

Mommy’s are for hugging, mommy’s are for kissing, (blow a kiss)

I love you, yes I do!


preschool mother's day books

We read several Mother’s Day books.  “The Night Before Mother’s Day” by Natasha Wing,  “I love You, Mommy!”  by Edie Evans and  “Taking Care of Mama” by  Mitra Modarressi

coffee filter flowers mothers day craft preschool

We made simple flowers out of coffee filters, water colors and pipe cleaners.  The children painted the filters with water colors, then pinched the centers and twisted a pipe cleaner around it to secure the flower.  I added this cute poem;


The dearest gift that heaven holds,

The very finest too,

Were made into one pattern

That was perfect and true;

The Angels smiled, well-pleased, and said:

“Compared to all others,

This pattern is so wonderful

Let’s use it just for Mothers!”

And through the years, a Mother

Has been all that’s sweet and good

For there’s one bit of God and love

In all true Motherhood.


coffee filter flowers mothers day craft preschool


preschool mother's day craft

We then made another special craft using popsicle sticks and a hand print.


M is for the many times you’ve hugged me,

O’s for the outstanding things you do,

M is for all our memories together,

Mom, I am so glad that I have you!

teacup favorsThese are the teacup favors that the moms also received during our Mother’s Day Tea.  The teacups are made from ice cream cones, gummy peach rings and cookies.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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