Hip, hip hooray for Hippos!

Today we continued with the letter H and hippos!  We read 2 stories about hippos:  “Hide and Seek Hippo” by Samantha Berger and “Hippo! No, Rhino” by Jeff Newman.  Hippo, No, Rhino is a really funny illustrated story with mostly funny pictures and very little words about a confused zoo keeper who mistakenly puts the hippo sign in front of the rhino’s cage.  The rhino gets so upset because everyone thinks that he is a hippo!  We then learned a hippo song and a letter Hh cheer and made paper hippos for art.

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

(to the tune of  “I’m a Little Teapot”)

Hungry, hungry hippo,

Oh-h-h so-o-o sl-o-o-o-w-

Walk into the water,

And down….you….go!

Hh Cheer

H is for honeybee, H is for hen

H is for hamster and hogs in a pen.

H  is for hiccups, hat, hug and horse

H is for hula-hoop and hippo of  course.

Hooray for H, big and small-

the happiest, hoppiest letter of all!

hippo preschool book

Hide and Seek Hippo by Samantha Berger

hippo preschool book

Hippo! No, Rhino! By Jeff Newman

hippo preschool craft

Making our hippos

preschool hippo craft

The finished hippos!

 preschool classroom art work

It's a Zoo in here! We have so many cute animals hanging on our wall, it is starting to resemble a zoo! Hippos, Gorillas, Horses and Goats.....Oh My!

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