In my garden….

This week we have been learning all about gardens and how a seed grows into a flower.


In My Garden

In my garden, it’s as pleasant as can be.

With butterflies, lady bugs and bumblebees.

Plant a garden or make a flower,

Use your fingers to create rain showers.

Wriggle like a caterpillar, or be a butterfly,

Soar like a bird way up high in the sky.

Come into my garden and you will see,

Just how much fun a garden can be.


Flowers are many sizes

And many colors, too:

Bright yellow daffodils,

Pansies of white and blue.

Flowers grow in a garden

Or under leafy trees.

They sway so beautifully,

Like dancers in the breeze.

the tiny seed by eric carle book about gardening for preschoolers

We read “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle.  This book takes you on an adventure as tiny seeds float on the wind and one lucky seed finds a place to land and grow.

preschool song about growing a flower

This song was so much fun….you start out curled up on the ground as a seed and slowly rise and grow!

preschool flip book

We made little flip books to show how a seed gradually grows into a flower.  These books had multiple steps: coloring, cutting and gluing.  It was challenging, but they did a great job completing them.

preschool flip book

The children are doing so well with their cutting skills and we are now able to complete a whole book.

preschool gardening

I found the seed starter pots and seed packets at Target in the $1 bins.  This was a very educational yet inexpensive project.

preschool gardening

Planting our tiny seeds.

preschool gardening

All planted and ready to go outside into the sunshine.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have some sprouts and maybe even a few flowers!

celery flower craft

For a fun craft, I cut the top off of a stalk of celery and then used it as a stamp.  This created a rose like flower which I then cut out and added to our pond themed bulletin board.


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