Today we continued with the letter Ii and inchworms!  We sang our I song from the flip chart, learned an inchworm poem, and made inchworm fingerprints!   We read the I book from Alpha Tales, Iguanas on Ice.   And then we wiggled like inchworms as we walked to our seats from circle time.  Ms. Francis also brought in a special surprise….ingredients to make Shaken Ice Cream!  In a plastic zip lock bag you combine milk, sugar and vanilla or other flavoring like chocolate or strawberry syrup and zip it up tight.   Then you place that bag into another zip lock filled with ice and salt, zip it up and then shake, shake, shake until you get ice cream!  The kids loved it!

I song

(to the tune of Clementine)

In an igloo on an island,

in a sea of icy water,

lived an inchworm named Ignatius

and his itsy bitsy daughter.

She was smaller than an inkblot

and her name was Isabelle.

She didn’t need a cradle

’cause she slept in a seashell.

Inchworm, Inchworm

Inchworm, inchworm, you move so slow,

Inchworm, inchworm, where will you go?

Inchworm, inchworm, turn to the right,

Inchworm, inchworm, you’ll get there by night.

Inchworm, inchworm turn the other way,

Inchworm, inchworm, it takes you all day!

letter i book

Iguana on Ice by Carol Martin

inchworm craft

Making the fingerprint inchworms!

inchworm craft

The finished inchworm craft!

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