It’s Bear Week!

This week is bear week  as we celebrate the birthday of A. A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh.  We are having a blast learning all about bears and doing very “beary” activities!  We are learning lots of songs, games and eating special snacks this week!


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear touch the ground.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear tie your shoe.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear that will do.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear go upstairs.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear say your prayers.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn out the light.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear say good night.

preschool bear books

It's the Bear and The Ice Cream Bear by Jez Alborough

Monday we read “It’s the Bear” by Jez Alborough.  This is one of my all time favorite children’s books.  It’s about a little boy Eddie and his mom who go on a picnic in the woods and encounter a bear who is just as scared as Eddie and his mom are when they meet.  You can really get into character reading this and the illustrations are so cute and friendly.   I have been reading this book to children since I first started teaching, 15 years ago.  I have worn through two copies, my current copy is falling apart and I now need a third!  “Ice Cream Bear” is a really cute story by the same author, about a bear who dreams that it is snowing ice cream.

paper plate bear craft

Our paper plate bears

We also made paper plate brown bears to go along with “It’s the Bear”.  The nose is 3D and made out of the little plastic drinking cups.

preschool bear books

Corduroy by Don Freeman and Corduroy at the Zoo by B.G. Hennesey

Today we read a few Corduroy books.  This story is a beloved classic that the kids really enjoyed.  And then the kids all put on their bear ears to go on our Honey Hunt.  Hidden all over the classroom were honey pots with a special surprise inside:  Honey Comb cereal!

preschool bear ears craft

Our bear ears, to wear on our honey hunt!

bear craft ideas for preschool

The honey pots have been found!

bear craft ideas for preschool

We made cinnamon bears! After painting the template, we sprinkled cinnamon all over the bears.

bear game for preschoolers

We also played an alphabet sorting game. The children got bear cards with lower case and capital letters on them and had to identify the letters and sort them into the correct bear caves. They were so good at it, they know their alphabet!

bear game for preschoolers

The bear cards we used for the game.

corduroy movie for preschoolers

To end the day today, we watched a live action version of the book Corduroy. They loved it and were so fascinated by seeing a real Corduroy!

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2 Responses to “It’s Bear Week!”

  1. Tim says:

    My kids LOVE the Corduroy books. I had no idea there were videos as well. I’m going to have to look in to this for them.

    • admin says:

      I was surprised too when I found them. Scholastic has made DVD’s of all of the children’s classic stories. Some are animated and a few have real people in them, they are worth checking out.

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