Just Monkeying around…

This week we learned all about the letter Mm.  I absolutely love monkeys and on Tuesday, we had a busy and fun day learning all about them.  We read books, learned songs and made a really cute craft!

preschool monkey song

The letter M song from the ABC flip chart

preschool monkey felt board

5 Little Monkey's Swinging in the tree felt board song

5 monkeys jumping on the bed preschool felt board

We also sang 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed felt board song.


little monkey lost

Little Monkey Lost by Keith DuQuette

This book has lots of monkeys in it that are mostly from South and Central America.  I shared some pictures with the children from a cruise I went on last summer.  We had many encounters with monkeys in Belize and Honduras.  It was an amazing experience and the kids really enjoyed seeing the pictures.

howler monkey

A Howler monkey in the jungles of Belize

howler monkeys of belize

Feeding the wild Howler monkeys in Belize

capuchin monkey

My husband, Marc holding Diego the Capuchin monkey in Honduras

capuchin monkey

Me and Diego

Monkey's miserable Monday

Monkey's Miserable Monday by Valerie Garfield, from the Alpha Tales book

preschool monkey craft

Making our hand print monkey craft

monkey hand print craft

The finished monkey craft!


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