Kiwis and Koalas…..

We had such a fun time this week learning all about the letter Kk.  We got to do so many fun and creative projects too.  We finished out the week with Koala bears.  We read the story “Koala and the Flower” by Mary Murphy  and made a cute and happy koala bear out of paper plates.  Miss Courtney got in on the K fun and made the Kiwi fruits with the children in the afternoon too!  They turned out so cute!  During circle time we also danced to “Koala Bear, Koala Bear”.  It was a fun and creative week.

Koala Bear

Koala bear, koala bear turn around.

Koala bear, koala bear touch the ground.

Koala bear, koala bear dance on your toes.

Koala bear, koala bear touch your nose.

Koala bear, koala bear give a clap.

Koala bear, koala bear take a nap.

koala preschool book

"Koala Flower" by Mary Murphy

koala bear paper plate craft

Our happy Koala's

preschool paper plate kiwi fruit craft

Yummy Kiwi fruit!

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