Learning the letter L….

Last week we learned all about Ll.  We discovered the world of leaves, lemonade and made tiny lamps too!

letter L song for preschoolers

The letter L song from the ABC flip chart

leaf man

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert


Playing in our crunchy leaves!

Thanks so much for sending in the leaves!  The kids had a great time with them!

easy lemonade for preschoolers

Making lemonade! This was super easy to do: each child got their own zip lock filled with water, ice, a tablespoon of sugar and a lemon wedge. Then just squeeze the lemon and shake it up!

L is for lemonade too!

easy lemonade

Enjoying the easy lemonade!

lamp craft for preschoolers

Miss Courtney made these adorable lamps with the children in the afternoon! They were made out of the small plastic drinking cups and a coffee filter! So cute and creative!

lamp craft for preschoolers

More cute, little lamps!

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