Letter F….

This week was all about the letter F….frogs and fish.  We read books all about the letter of the week and sang a few songs too.

Story Time

fish eyes by lois ehlert

We read Fish Eyes by Lois Ehlert.  This is a fun book to read aloud.  The illustrations are bright and colorful and   the eyes of the fish are cut out and you can look through them as you read the story and count all the fish you see.

Sing With Me

Fifi Fish

(to the tune of “Five Fat Turkeys)

See Fifi Fish’s fins.

She catches letter F and wins.

She has no fur or feathers on her.

She wins and flips her fins!

preschool letter f theme

Craft Time

making handprint fish for preschool

For craft time to go along with our letter F and fish theme we made hand print fish.

making handprint fish for preschool

We added bubbles to the hand prints by using a marker cap dipped in paint.

preschool hand print fish

Our finished craft with a fun google eye!

Story Time

preschool books about frogsWe read It’s Mine! by Leo Leonni and Hop Junp by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Sing With Me

Five Fast Fishes

(to the tune of “Alouette”)

Five fast fishes swimming down the river.

Five fast fishes swimming down the stream.

Swimming past five floating logs.

Swimming past five croaking frogs.

Floating logs. Croaking frogs.

Floating logs. Croaking frogs.

Five fast fishes.

Craft Time

preschool frog craftWe created frogs from a paper plate cut in half.  We painted them green, added a tongue and google eyes.

frog and fish crafts for preschoolers

We hung them on the bulletin board along with the fish.

flower post divider


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