Letter J…

This week along with our Thanksgiving theme, we have also been learning all about the letter Jj.  Today we read the book “J is for Jesus, the Sweetest Story Ever Told”by Crystal Bowman and made a baby Jesus slumbering in a manger on the letter J.  Then for our special snack, we had jam and toast.  The jam was in the shape of a J on the toast, they loved it!

jesus preschool book

"J is for Jesus" by Crystal Bowman

This story is so cute!  It tells the tale of how the candy maker made the candy cane to remind us of Jesus’ birth.

j is for jesus preschool craft

"J is for Jesus, God's Son sent to earth. And Christmas is when we remember his birth." from the book "J is for Jesus" by Crystal Bowman.

preschool alphabet snack

J is for jam on toast!

preschool alphabet snack

Eating up our snack!

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