Lions start with L…

We learned all about letter Ll and Lions!  It was so much fun acting and roaring like the king of the jungle.  We watched a clip of real lions to hear their great roars up close.  Click here to hear the lion.


Story Time


We read the fun story “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt” by Joe Mathieu.  This story is similar to the song and book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.  The children loved this story and helped act it out as I read.  And we read the beautiful adaptation of Aesop’s fable “The Lion and the Mouse” by Jerry Pinkney.  This story tells an amazing lesson that even the meek and small are capable of greatness.

Sing With Me

Larry Lion

(to the tune: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”)

Larry Lion loves letter L.

He brings L for Show and Tell.

Larry leads the class today

As the leopards laugh and play.

Larry lets them take a turn

Cheering L so they can learn!


I’m a Lion

I love to sleep out in the sun,

And chase other animals just for fun.

In all the jungle, I’m number one!

I’m a lion!

Arts and Crafts

hand print lion craft

We made hand print lions by printing the children’s hands in a circle then adding the face in the middle.

hand print lion craft

hand print lion craft


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