Lots of Pumpkiny Fun!!

We have been so busy this week learning all about pumpkins!  We have learned a cute song, read pumpkin books, played pumpkin games, toasted and ate pumpkin seeds for a snack and made pumpkin crafts! The books that we have been reading this week show how a pumpkin grows from a seed to sprout, then plant and a pumpkin. We got a pumpkin for the class and scooped out the insides so the children could see and feel what is inside a pumpkin.  We have been making little books and sequence cards that illustrate that process and instead of playing Hot Potato, we played Pass the Pumpkin and the children passed the pumpkin around.  We also ended the week with our Fall party.  We had a great time, we made a ton of cute keepsake crafts, played musical chairs and had a yummy lunch!  Thank you to all of the parents who brought in food and helped out in the classroom!

pumpkin jack

We read the book "Pumpkin Jack" by Will Hubbell

preschool pumpkin theme

Coloring the Pumpkin Jack sequence cards

seed sprout pumpkin pie

We also read "Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie" by Jill Esbaum

preschool pumpkin theme

Our class pumpkin

preschool pumpkin theme

We scooped out the pumpkins insides and felt the pulpy goo and seeds!

preschool pumpkin theme

Feeling the pumpkin pulp and seeds!

preschool pumpkin theme

Playing Pass the Pumpkin

preschool pumpkin theme

Our pumpkin seed snack!

pumpkin craft

Our pumpkin craft

preschool fall wreath

Our pretty fall wreaths

candy corn preschool craft

Our candy corn poem and craft!

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