M is for Mouse….

This week we started the letter Mm.  We had so much fun learning about this letter and the sound it makes…Mmmmm.

Sing with Me

m is for mouse

Mimi Mouse

(to the tune “This Old Man”)

Come with me, Mimi Mouse.

We will make our mini-house!

We will mix and measure mud

to make a floor-

And write M on our mud door.

Story Time

m is for mouse

We read: “Mouse Mess” by Zinnea Riley, “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh and “Seven Blind Mice” by Ed Young.  These are great books to read aloud.  “Mouse Mess” is a fun rhyming tale about a mouse who makes mischief throughout the house when the people go to bed.  “Seven Blind Mice” tells the story of seven mice who cannot see, but see things very differently.  I really like this book because it teaches the children that everyone has different perspectives of the world.  “Mouse Paint” is a great book about mixing different paints to make all new colors.

Craft Time

We made adorable grey mice for our craft.  We mixed white and black paint to make grey.  The children painted card stock and I cut it into the shape of the letter M when it was dry.  We then added pink ears, a fuzzy pink nose, fishing line whiskers and eyes.

m is for mouse craft

m is for mouse craft

m is for mouse craft

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