M is for mud!

We had a blast learning all about the letter Mm and mud!  We got our feet muddy and had a tasty muddy snack too.

Story Time

IMG_4793We read the book “Mud” by Mary Lyn Ray.   This book follows the seasons from winter to spring and how the earth changes and the soil becomes muddy after the snow melts.

Sing With Me

Pigs in the Mud

(to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Down on the farm we love to play

In the mud all through the day

That is why we love to spy

Great big rain clouds in the sky.

Down in the mud we make a hole

Where we like to roll and roll.

That is why we shout “Hurray!”

Every time it rains today.


IMG_4790We made muddy foot prints by stepping in brown paint and walking down the paper.


Snack Time

IMG_4806We even ate mud!  Chocolate pudding mud with crushed up Oreo cookies for dirt and a gummy worm.

Sensory Play

IMG_4786We made real mud by mixing water and dirt and squishing it in a bag.  It was a great science and sensory experience.



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