Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night….

Wow, what a great Christmas!  In the blink of an eye, another Christmas has come and gone and we will soon start another new year.   As I reflect back on the year, I can’t help but feel blessed!    I am surrounded by amazing family and friends and exciting job that I look forward to each day…but I think to be able to live a fun and creative life everyday is the best gift of all.

family game night

Getting ready to start our Christmas Eve family game night, with the Game of Life

family game night

Christmas Eve and the Game of Life....Marc won.

cookies for Santa

Getting the cookies ready for Santa!

magic reindeer food

Annabelle sprinkling our Magic Reindeer food in the back yard.

magic reindeer food

Sam taking his turn sprinkling the Magic Reindeer food and hoping that Piper doesn't eat it before Santa's arrival!

christmas eve

Another tradition of ours, reading stories by the light of the Christmas tree. This years selections were "The Polar Express" and "The Night Before Christmas" then it was off to bed, with sugar plums dancing in their heads.



The kids were up bright and early...5am! And ready to dive right in to the presents! Sam couldn't wait to get to his stocking!

christmas morning

Annabelle and her new American Girl, Kanani

christmas morning

Although he had his ups and downs on the Nice/Naughty list...Santa pulled through and Sam got his new aircraft carrier.

santa pancakes

These were just too cute! I found this idea on Pinterest and could not wait to make Santa pancakes for the kids as a breakfast surprise

santa pancakes

They couldn't wait to dig in to this yummy breakfast!

tofurkey roast

We ended the evening with a fabulous Christmas dinner of: Tofurkey Roast with carrots and onions, sauteed green beans with garlic, garlic mashed potatoes and cranberry orange salsa fresca!

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