Mmmmm……Cake Pops!

My son’s preschool Fall/Halloween Party was today and my job was to bring the dessert!  And I did, with cake pops!  The most delicious dessert invention ever!  These are pretty easy, just time consuming. I decided on white cake, white frosting and chocolate coating and sprinkles on the outside.  Yummmmy!


cake pops

The baked, cooled cake crumbled in the bowl.

cake pops

The crumbled cake mixed with 1/2 of a tub of white frosting, until well combined and mushed together.

cake pops

Then take a small amount of the cake mixture and roll into balls, place onto a foil lined cookie sheet and freeze until firm.

cake pops

Then after they have firmed up in the freezer, insert a lollipop stick and dip into melted chocolate!

cake pops

Then dip into sprinkles and insert into a floral foam piece until they set.

marshmallow pops

I also dipped marshmallows into the chocolate and sprinkles too!

cake pops

All wrapped up and ready for the party!

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