My family…

This week we talked all about our families.  Who is in your family?  Who lives in your house?  I asked those questions and the children loved talking and sharing  stories with the class about the people they love.


Story Time


We read “Full, Full, Full of Love” by Trish Cooke.  This story follows a little boy at his grandmas house as they prepare for a big dinner with the extended family.


“Buzz” by Janet S. Wong takes a look at a typical busy day a family has getting up and ready for their regular routines, buzzing along like busy bees.

Sing With Me

Some Families

(to the tune of “Rock A Bye Baby”)

Some families are big,

Some families are small.

Some families are short.

Some families are tall.

Some families live close.

Some families live far away.

But they all love each other,

In their own special way.

Some families you are born to,

Some families you are not.

But however you joined,

You are loved a whole lot!


handprint family tree

handprint family tree


We made hand print family trees by painting the children’s hands for the leaves and arm for the trunk.  When they were dry, I added the family members by writing them onto the “leaves”

family craft

We also made “Who lives in my house?” diagrams.  The children added the colored square that represented the people and pets that live in their house.

family craft


Small Group


After going over and reviewing scissor safety, we have been busy strengthening our fine motor skills by cutting with scissors.  The children have been doing a great job with the “one snip strips” and next we will move on to the “two snip strips”, zig zag and wavy lines.

preschool fall bulletin board

Our bulletin board has transformed for fall!  We love the “Apple Tree” finger play and I thought it would be a cute addition as a bulletin board for the fall season.

Apple Tree

Way up high in the apple tree

5 little apples smiled at me!

So I shook that tree as hard as I could,

Down fell an apple, mmmmm it was good!

(continue until you get to 0)


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