Naughty Little Newts!

Welcome back…after taking some time off from curriculum during the holidays, we are now hard at work again.  This week we continued the alphabet with letter Nn.  We learned all about Newts, nests and nurses.

Letter N Song

(to the tune of The Old Gray Mare)

Nathaniel had a naughty little nanny goat,

who never ate a single oat,

just nibbled on his overcoat.

Nathaniel had a naughty little nanny goat,

Her name was Nannabelle.

We sang the song: A Naughty Little Newt

(to the tune of “If your’re happy and you know it”)

Oh, I wish I was a naughty little newt.

Oh, I wish I was a naughty little newt.

Oh, it would be alright,

To stay out every night.

If I was a naughty little newt.

books about newts for preschoolers

We read the books: Newts by Molly Kolpin and Newt by Matt Novak

“Newts” was a book full of facts all about Newts, we all learned something new with this book.  Newts are like frogs and are amphibians, can swim and have sticky tongues.  They are also orange, brown, green and blue.  The other book “Newt” is a story all about Newt (of course) and his many adventures he has during his day.

newt craft for preschoolers

Painting our newts

newt craft for preschoolers

The finished newts!

newt craft for preschoolers

Uh oh! Our naughty little newts have formed the letter N on our art wall!

preschooler cutting

We have also been working hard on our cutting skills. We started in November with straight lines, then zig zag lines. Now we are working on curvy lines. They are doing great and catching on quickly. This is so good for their motor skills and hand eye coordination. Be on the look out for more cutting as we progress.

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