O is for Ostrich….

This week, we are learning all about the letter Oo.  Today we learned all about the Ostrich!  It is such a strange animal from Africa, with his long neck and large flightless body.  They are very fast, running at about 31 mph.  We got our exercise today too by running in place like an ostrich during Circle Time. We read some books about the Ostrich and even made a cute hand print ostrich too!

Odd Ostrich

(to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)

Oh, I wish I was an odd ostrich.

Oh, I wish I was an odd ostrich.

Oh, I’d run really fast,

And I’d sleep in the grass.

Oh, I wish I was an odd ostrich.

ostrich books for preschool

Ostrich by Louise Spilsbury and Ima and the Great Ostrich Race by Margret McManis

hand print ostrich preschool craft

The hand print ostrich's we made today!

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