P is for Pig and Peacock….

We had a great week all about the letter Pp.  We learned all about peacocks and pigs, read some fun and silly stories, sang songs and made cute crafts to go along with it.

P is for Pig

Story Time


We read “If You Give a Pig a Party” by Laura Numeroff and “Pigs Love Potatoes” by Anika Denise.   The kids love Laura Numeroff’s fun books all about different animals and what happens when you give them something, it always leads to something else and comes full circle.  “Pigs Love Potatoes” is another fun counting book about a mommy pig who has to keep adding potatoes to her pot as more and more guests arrive for dinner.


Sing With Me

Pippa Pig

(to the tune of “Hush, Little Baby”)

Pippa Pig’s the principle of a school.

Her piglets think the letter P is cool!

Policewoman Pam and Post Office Pete,

Are Pippa’s neighbors on her street.

Craft Time

paper plate pig craft

We made fun and easy paper plate pigs and of course they were pink.

paper plate pig craft

P is for Peacock


My daughter loves peacocks and a few years ago she even dressed like one for Halloween.  I borrowed her stuffed peacock to show the children what these beautiful and proud birds look like.  These birds are quite loud so we watched a video so everyone could hear their distinct call.  Click here to hear the loud peacock!

Story Time


We read several fun books all about peacocks,  “Three Hens and a Peacock” by Lester L. Laminack,  “Bees, Snails and Peacock Tails” by  Betsy Franco and “Peacocks” by Kathleen Pohl.


Sing With Me

Pretty Peacock

(to the tune of “The Grand Old Duke of York”)

There was a pretty peacock,

Who lived in the zoo.

It had so many feathers,

It didn’t know what to do.

It shook them to the left,

It shook them to the right.

It shook them and it shook them,

Right out of si8

Craft Time

peacock craft

We made beautiful peacock hand prints for our craft time.

peacock craft

peacock craft


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