The Snowy Day….

With winter approaching we have been reading books all about this season.  I love the classic book “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats.  It is such a lovely book all about a little boy named Peter and his fun snow day.  Peter’s bright red snowsuit stands out in the snow white backdrop throughout the entire book.  I thought it would be fun to have the children make a craft to go along with this book and have them make a craft of themselves with a red pointed hat just like Peter wears in the book “The Snowy Day”.

the snowy day book and craft

the snowy day book and craft

I had the children first paint a card stock circle in a skin tone similar to their own.  We have many skin tone paints from Colorations.

the snowy day book and craft

This is Peter in his red snowsuit with a pointed hood.

the snowy day book and craft

We then added our faces to the red hood cut outs.

the snowy day book and craft

We added google eyes.

the snowy day book and craft

Our finished craft after adding hair and a smile.

the snowy day book and craft

We are all set for a very snowy day!


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Letter Y week….

This week was all about the letter Yy.  We thought of words that began with Y; and yellow was the most popular response.  We read books about the yellow sun and the color yellow and made a cute craft to go along with the Y theme.  To end the week we had a special letter Y snack:  yogurt!

 Bright Sun

(to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat)

Bright sun shining down,

Shining on the ground.

What a lovely face you have,

Yellow, big and round.

books about the sun and color yellow

We read the book “Little Blue and Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni, a fun book all about how colors can mix together to make a whole new color.  We also read “What is the Sun?” by Reeve Lindbergh.  This is a delightful rhyming book about the sun and moon.

letter y activities preschool

For every letter we have been making little folding books with pictures that start with that letter.

preschool letter y sun craft

We made a yellow sunshine craft.  I cut paper plates in half and had the children paint them yellow.

preschool letter y sun craft

Added fun google eyes.

preschool letter y sun craft

We added yellow triangles to the top of the paper plate.

preschool letter y sun craft

Our finished sunshines!  We added fun rainbow streamers onto the plates.

y is for yogurt

Our fun Friday snack: Gogurt Yogurt!

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Fall Fun at the Farm….

This weekend we took a drive up to Masaryktown, Florida to Sweetfields Farm.   The farm is located about an hour north of Tampa.  Every year they have a fall corn maze and Fall Harvest.  In the spring they have a sunflower maze and spring festival.  It was really windy, overcast and cloudy on the day we were there, which made the weather nice and cool.  A good change from the hot summer temperatures we have had lately.  Sweetfields offers U-Pick organic produce, a pumpkin patch, hay bales to climb on,  animals to pet and feed, pig racing, crafts for the kids to make, a hay ride, corn maze and lots more!

There were still a lot of sunflowers blooming all around the farm.  They were just gorgeous!

sweetfields farm

We headed over to the corn maze first.  Every year they design a picture in the corn that can be seen from the air.  This year it was a barn and scarecrow.

sweetfields far

The kids had a blast running through the maze and trying to figure out which way to go.  We did get lost a few times, but we made it out with the help of some clues they give to you upon entry to the maze.  The corn got higher as we made our way through, which made it tough to find the right path.

apple cider

We couldn’t pass up the fresh cider and kettle corn!  It was so delicious!  There were a few food booths as well that offered BBQ, hamburgers, hot dogs, wraps and yummy fall desserts like candy apples and pumpkin pie tarts!

We had such a great experience at Sweetfields, we are planning on returning in the spring for the sunflowers!

Click here to find out more and plan your own trip to Sweetfields Farm.

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