Y is for Yak and Yellow…

We are getting closer to the end of the alpahabet!  This week was all about the letter Yy and learning it’s sound, which was a little confusing.  The children want to say it like the W (wuh), but they got the hang of it as we went along through the week and discovered a lot of Y words.


Y is for Yaks

Yawning Yaks

Five yaks yawned  a lot

Time for bed, believe it or not

For your mother you must obey

And when you get up, just yell….YAY!

preschool letter y book

We read “The Yak Who Yelled Yuck”by Carol Pugliano-Martin.

yak craft for preschoolers

preschool yak craft

We made yaks out of a template and the children’s hands.  They made a fist with their thumb sticking out and I traced around it to make the yak’s horns.

Y is for Yellow

I Love Yellow

(to the tune of Three Blind Mice)

I love yellow, I love yellow.

It’s so mellow.  It’s so mellow.

I love yellow flowers that grow to the sky.

I love yellow ducks that swim right by.

I love yellow slickers that keep me dry.

I love yellow!

preschool books about yellow sun

We read “What is the Sun?” by Reeve Lindbergh  and “Little Blue and Little Yellow”by Leo Lionni

yellow sun preschool craft

The children painted yellow happy sunshines onto little paper plates.  Then added rays, google eyes and a friendly smile.


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Happy Easter…..

Easter is here!    With thoughts of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks, we have also been reminding and teaching the children all about the true meaning of Easter; the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what that means to us.  We read several books about the real story of Easter along with some fun stories and songs too.  To end the week we had a fun egg hunt and had a special snack too.


The Jelly Bean Prayer


GREEN is for the grassy blade,        

YELLOW is for the sun God made.

ORANGE’s for a flame so bright.

BLACK is for our sins not right.

RED is for the blood He gave.

WHITE is for Jesus grace. He saved.

PURPLE is for the hours of sorrow

PINK is for a new tomorrow.


A bag of jellybeans, so colourful and sweet,

is a promise, a prayer, and a loved one’s treat.


resurrection eggs for preschoolers

Our class Resurrection Eggs.  Inside each egg is a little symbol from the week that lead to Easter.

resurrection eggs for preschoolers

Story Time!

easter preschool books

We read “The Week that Lead to Easter” by Joanne Larrison and “The Best Easter Prize” by Kristina Evans

easter preschool books

We also read “The Easter Story”by Heather Amery  and “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick”by Lucille Colandro

Easter Eggs

(to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Easter eggs, Easter eggs,

Pink and orange and green-

These are just the nicest eggs

That I have ever seen.

Easter eggs, Easter eggs,

Purple, yellow, blue-

I have lots of Easter Eggs,

So I’ll share with you!

Craft Time!

homemade easter baskets

We made our own Easter baskets to collect our eggs out of a paper grocery bag.  I just cut off about 6 in. from the top and then used that portion for a handle.  Then decorated them with colorful cut outs and ribbon.

homemade easter baskets


easter preschool craftOur hand print Easter chicks!

easter preschool craftWith a special message under his wings!

easter preschool craftAnd Easter isn’t complete without a hand print bunny too!

Snack Time!

tye die cupcakes

I made special Tie Dyed cupcakes to help kick off our egg hunt!  You just follow the directions on a boxed cake mix.  Then divide the batter into 3 equal parts and add food coloring to each portion.  Next add a scoop from each colored batter to the cupcake liners and bake.

tye die cupcakes

While they were baking the colors mixed together creating new colors.   I used the primary colors just for that reason, so when they mixed it created purple, orange and green too.

easter cupcakes

When the cupcakes were cool I topped each cupcake with frosting,  green tinted coconut and some candy eggs.

easter cupcakes

They were super yummy and the kids were so excited to see a colorful surprise when they took a bite.

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X is for X-Ray Fish…

Wow, we are almost to the end of the alphabet!  We have made it to letter Xx.  This letter was a little tricky to find things that started with it.  But, I did find the x -ray fish!  Otherwise known as a golden pristella tetra.  I have actually had these fish in our aquarium at home at one time.

This is a photo of a real x-ray fish.  You really can see right through them!

xray fish



letter x book for preschoolers

We read “A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish”by Liza Charlesworth, from the Alpha Tales book.


making an x ray fish preschool craft

We made beautiful watercolor x-ray fish.  We started by painting the reverse side of a fish template that had been copied to card stock.  Card stock holds up very well to water colors without ripping or getting holes in it.


preschool craft

Next I flipped the paper over and made slits in the middle of the template to resemble gills.

x ray fish craft for preschoolers

Then we added a google eye and some glue and iridescent glitter to the gills to give him a wet look.


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