It’s Bear Week!

This week is bear week  as we celebrate the birthday of A. A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh.  We are having a blast learning all about bears and doing very “beary” activities!  We are learning lots of songs, games and eating special snacks this week!


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear touch the ground.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear tie your shoe.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear that will do.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear go upstairs.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear say your prayers.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn out the light.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear say good night.

preschool bear books

It's the Bear and The Ice Cream Bear by Jez Alborough

Monday we read “It’s the Bear” by Jez Alborough.  This is one of my all time favorite children’s books.  It’s about a little boy Eddie and his mom who go on a picnic in the woods and encounter a bear who is just as scared as Eddie and his mom are when they meet.  You can really get into character reading this and the illustrations are so cute and friendly.   I have been reading this book to children since I first started teaching, 15 years ago.  I have worn through two copies, my current copy is falling apart and I now need a third!  “Ice Cream Bear” is a really cute story by the same author, about a bear who dreams that it is snowing ice cream.

paper plate bear craft

Our paper plate bears

We also made paper plate brown bears to go along with “It’s the Bear”.  The nose is 3D and made out of the little plastic drinking cups.

preschool bear books

Corduroy by Don Freeman and Corduroy at the Zoo by B.G. Hennesey

Today we read a few Corduroy books.  This story is a beloved classic that the kids really enjoyed.  And then the kids all put on their bear ears to go on our Honey Hunt.  Hidden all over the classroom were honey pots with a special surprise inside:  Honey Comb cereal!

preschool bear ears craft

Our bear ears, to wear on our honey hunt!

bear craft ideas for preschool

The honey pots have been found!

bear craft ideas for preschool

We made cinnamon bears! After painting the template, we sprinkled cinnamon all over the bears.

bear game for preschoolers

We also played an alphabet sorting game. The children got bear cards with lower case and capital letters on them and had to identify the letters and sort them into the correct bear caves. They were so good at it, they know their alphabet!

bear game for preschoolers

The bear cards we used for the game.

corduroy movie for preschoolers

To end the day today, we watched a live action version of the book Corduroy. They loved it and were so fascinated by seeing a real Corduroy!

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Naughty Little Newts!

Welcome back…after taking some time off from curriculum during the holidays, we are now hard at work again.  This week we continued the alphabet with letter Nn.  We learned all about Newts, nests and nurses.

Letter N Song

(to the tune of The Old Gray Mare)

Nathaniel had a naughty little nanny goat,

who never ate a single oat,

just nibbled on his overcoat.

Nathaniel had a naughty little nanny goat,

Her name was Nannabelle.

We sang the song: A Naughty Little Newt

(to the tune of “If your’re happy and you know it”)

Oh, I wish I was a naughty little newt.

Oh, I wish I was a naughty little newt.

Oh, it would be alright,

To stay out every night.

If I was a naughty little newt.

books about newts for preschoolers

We read the books: Newts by Molly Kolpin and Newt by Matt Novak

“Newts” was a book full of facts all about Newts, we all learned something new with this book.  Newts are like frogs and are amphibians, can swim and have sticky tongues.  They are also orange, brown, green and blue.  The other book “Newt” is a story all about Newt (of course) and his many adventures he has during his day.

newt craft for preschoolers

Painting our newts

newt craft for preschoolers

The finished newts!

newt craft for preschoolers

Uh oh! Our naughty little newts have formed the letter N on our art wall!

preschooler cutting

We have also been working hard on our cutting skills. We started in November with straight lines, then zig zag lines. Now we are working on curvy lines. They are doing great and catching on quickly. This is so good for their motor skills and hand eye coordination. Be on the look out for more cutting as we progress.

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The Salveson’s see snow!!

After Christmas, we took a family trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia to see some “snow”.  We had been to Stone Mountain last Easter weekend and had a great time.  While we were there we learned about their annual event known as Snow Mountain.  We knew that we had to return for it and have the kids see their first snow.  Being from St. Louis, I have seen my fair share of snowy, cold winters, but our kids (being Florida babies)  had yet to experience it.  We figured Snow Mountain was the closest place to travel to see some.  The snow is man made from the lake that surrounds the mountain and then is blown onto a hill in front of the mountain for tubing.  It was a blast!  My favorite was the family tube that can hold up to five people, you are dropped off of a belt onto the hill for some super fast sledding.  Or you can have your own tube and race each other down the hill.  The best part is the time saving “ski lift” that takes you back up the hill.   It reminded me a lot of the water slides at Adventure Island, but with snow.   At the bottom, they blow snow all over so you can build snowmen or snow forts or have a snow ball fight.  This snow was pretty wet, not the powdery kind, but perfect for making a decent snow ball.

Day 1:

It was rainy the first day we were there, so we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.  It is the world’s largest aquarium, and the day we were there, the most crowded!  After being in D.C. I would say it’s like the Smithsonian of aquariums.  It was wall to wall people, but we still enjoyed ourselves and saw some amazing things:  Beluga whales, 4 whale sharks, manta rays, otters, penguins, octopus and much more!

georgia aquarium atlanta

A dreary day in Atlanta at the Georgia Aquarium

touch tank at the georgia aquarium

Touching some shrimp and horseshoe crabs at the touch tanks

georgia aquarium

Walking through the aquarium tube walk way where the whale sharks and manta rays fly over head.

georgia aquarium

Annabelle and Sam in the Tropical Diver section of the aquarium

Day 2:

Let the snowy fun begin at Snow Mountain!  It was so cold we had to bundle up!  Most nights it was in the 30’s, so we had on lots of layers.  And being from Florida we were frozen by the end of the night, our bodies just aren’t used to that kinds of weather.   Your time is broken up into 2 hour sessions that you choose through out the day.  We wanted an evening session, so we chose the 6-8pm time slot.  I wish we had longer, we were having so much fun.

snow mountain

On the ski lift going up the hill, you can see the racing lanes for tubing in the distance.


snow mountain

Marc and Annabelle getting ready to get pushed down the hill.

snow mountain

Sliding down the hill! 400 ft. of fun!

snow mountain

Sam playing in the snow

snow mountain

Making snow angels!

snow mountain

Annabelle in the snow

snow mountain

The Salveson's in the snow!

snow mountain

On the family tube, ready for some fun!

Day 3:

The last day we spent roaming around the park.  We took the Sky Lift 1,686 ft. up to the top of the mountain.  What a breath taking sight, you can see for miles…downtown Atlanta and the surrounding Appalachian Mountains.  There is so much to do and see here.  At the base of the mountain is a park with shops, restaurants and a train that takes you all the way around the mountain.  For Christmas every thing was lit up and decorated and they even have a Snow Angel that visits, flying through the sky to end the evening with fireworks!   This was the perfect 3 day get away!

stone mountain

The gondola that brings you to the top of the mountain

stone mountain

On top of Stone Mountain

stone mountain

At the top!

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