Creativity Takes Flight….on a Citation Jet to D.C.!

My family and I had the privilage  of joining my husband on the Citation Jet that he flies to Washington D.C.!  Marc is a corporate Chief Pilot  and his schedule is very unpredictable but very exciting.  His boss out of the blue asked if the kids and I wanted to come along and we couldn’t pass up the chance.   We left on Nov. 4th and returned on the 6th and we saw it all:  Ford’s Theater, The National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution, the White House, all of the monuments and memorials and Capitol building, Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History.  My favorite places to go are the ones where you can walk everywhere and D.C. is one of those places.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites and we had a corner room with great views of the city and just blocks from everything!   We did all of our sight seeing on foot and got lots of exercise and fresh fall air. Just walking down the street you pass the F.B.I. building,  the I.R.S, the Treasury building, Engraving and Printing building where our money is made, it was pretty crazy!   So much to see all in one place.  It was also great to feel some cold air and see the fall foliage!  I hadn’t seen fall in years and the kids have never seen the fall season.  We got lots of great pictures of the kids holding leaves and we even took some leaves home with us!   We had an amazing adventure and made a ton of family memories.

on a citation jet

On board the Citation on the way to D.C.!

the white house

Since our hotel was only 4 blocks from the White House, this was our first stop.

washington monument

The Washington Monument

lincoln memorial

The Lincoln Memorial, I was in awe at how big this was!

ford's theater

The famous Presidential Box in Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot. There was an amazing museum downstairs at the theater with a lot of artifacts from that night.

Ford's Theate

Ford's Theater

the national archives

Annabelle in front of the National Archives. No photos of any kind were allowed inside the building, so this is the only picture of the Archives building.

museum of natural history

"Hey Dum Dums, got any gum gum?" We love the movie Night at the Museum and it was amazing to see this up close at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!

capital building

In front of the Capitol Building

capital building

Just breath taking!

fall leaves

The kids finally get to see fall!

washingtoin d.c.

Marc and I and the Capitol Building

wizard of oz ruby slippers

Annabelle and Dorothy's Ruby Slippers at the Museum of American History

animal hats

Annabelle and Sam wearing D.C.'s latest fashionable head wear!

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Purplelicious Purple…

Yesterday (Wednesday) was purple day!  We learned more about mixing colors and that red and blue make purple.  We made purple hearts during arts and crafts time  We read “White Rabbit’s Color Book” by Alan Barker. This was an adorable book about a white rabbit who jumps into different colored bowls of paint and turns himself different colors.  We also used the color paddles to show how different colors can mix together to make a new color and looked at our sensory bottles that have different colors that mix together too.  And,  also read the book “Alphabet Rescue” by Audrey Wood which reviewed the alphabet.

I Love Purple

(to the tune Three Blind Mice)

I love purple, I love purple,

Yes I do, yes I do.

I love purple plums that grow on trees,

I love purple violets, so fancy.

I love purple butterflies that fly by me.

I love purple!

Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood

color mixing with preschoolers

Mixing red and blue paint to make purple...we made a beautiful shade of eggplant purple and sprinkled purple glitter on the hearts too!

color theme for preschoolers

White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Barker

color theme for preschoolers

Red rabbit jumping into blue paint...hmmm, what color will he make?

color theme for preschoolers

He turned purple! And the color paddles to show how they mix.

color theme for preschoolers

The color paddles

color theme for preschoolers

Our sensory, color mixing bottles

color theme for preschoolers

Mixing red and blue

preschool alphabet

Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood

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Halloween at the Salveson’s

Halloween is so much fun!  And we made a special dinner this year to celebrate.  We made Spooky Spaghetti Hot Dogs (we used Smart Dogs),  Trick or Treat Mac and Cheese and Creepy Chips and salsa.  We carved the pumpkins, had dinner and then prepared to go trick or treating.  It was a fun night!

spaghetti hot dogs

The Spooky Spaghetti Hot Dogs awaiting their doom! These are made when you pierce a hot dog that is cut in half, with spaghetti, then boil them.

halloween mac and cheese

The special Mac and Cheese I stumbled upon at Target!

halloween dinner

Our Halloween dinner

spaghetti hot dogs

Annabelle getting ready to enjoy her Spooky Spaghetti Hot Dog.

buzz light year costume

Sam as Buzz Lightyear, minus his shoes!

vampire costume

Annabelle as a vampire!

fancy witches hat

Me in my fancy witches hat!

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