Mozzarella Cheese Please!!!

Creativity in the kitchen at it’s best!  I found an amazing mozzarella cheese stick recipe online on the Taste of Home website.  So super easy, I had to try it out.  These were so delicious that even my “vegan” husband had to try them.  These were super yummy and we are dying to try them again but with zucchini sticks, eggplant and mushrooms.

package of mozzarella cheese sticks

egg roll wrappers


oil for frying

marinara sauce for dipping


mozzarella cheese sticks

Place wrapper at a diagonal and place stick on corner to begin rolling.

mozzarella cheese sticks

Next begin rolling and tuck corners in as you roll.

mozzarella cheese sticks

When you reach the top rub a little water onto the corner so it can stick to itself.

mozzarella cheese sticks

Ready for frying!

mozzarella cheese sticks

Fry in 1/2 inch of oil, making sure when you first put into the pan you roll them in the oil so they won't stick.

eating mozzarella sticks

Annabelle enjoying her yummy snack!

mozzarella cheese sticks

Sam enjoying his yummy snack!

mozzarella cheese sticks

Soooo gooey!

Recipe from

Welcome to our classroom!

Crayon wreath

The wreath that hangs on the door to greet everyone that enters our classroom!

Well, the first week is done and over and went pretty well.  It took a couple of days to get the hang of the new kids in the class and the new schedule.  This is my 3rd year teaching at my current school and  I teach K-3 which is a great age they absorb so much and have fun learning.   I am loving every moment,  I get to be creative every day, how lucky am I?

color mixing

Yellow and blue makes green!

We started off the week just getting to know the children and their names and kept the crafts pretty simple.  Taught the kids some really cute songs to learn the other children’s names.  We discussed colors to start out the week and each day we learned about a new color.  On Wednesday we mixed colors: yellow and blue make green.  We also started brainstorming  ideas for our next bulletin board for the fall.  We decided to keep a fall theme and add crafts as we go:   pumpkins in a pumpkin patch, corn and owls (which I cannot wait to make).  I am very excited and I think it will be an amazing, fulfilling school year.  I have a ton of ideas that I have found online and in my books and I cannot wait to try them out.

teaching tools

This is the "learning wall" in our class, where we come to do seat work, talk about the weather, calendar, days of the week ect.

This is the cart that Marc built….

I love using flip charts in my class room.  They are a great tool to use.  I got these from Scholastic on Amazon.  Pretty good deal and free shipping.  I was desperate for a chart stand or cart to put them on, but they were all $60 or more.  My husband being the super handy guy that he is offered to make me one from PVC pipes, PVC pipe cement and 4 casters from Home Depot and rings to hang the charts sold at Staples.  Total cost $20!  So much better than the one from the Carson Dellosa catalog that was $85.

Product Details

From the Carson Dellosa catalog

chart stand

Chart stand Marc made

chart stand

Side profile of chart stand

chart stand

Other side of stand with the Alphabet Center on it

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