Pink Pigs….

Today we learned all about pink and reviewed the letters A-H.  We read “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh about mischievous mice who get into some paint and discover that when you mix paint together you create all new colors.  Then we played our Once Upon a Pea felt board game again, learned a pink song and made cute paper plate pink pigs!  And learned that when you mix red and white paint you get pink!  On Friday we will have Rainbow Day to finish out the week and talk about all of the colors.  Ms. Francis will make a really cute rainbow paper plate craft with the children, I made an example of the craft and I wanted to include it in today’s blog post since I will be out of town Thursday and Friday.

Ten Little Pigs

(to the tune of  Ten Little Indians)

One little, two little, three pink piggies,

Four little, five little, six pink piggies,

Seven little eight little, nine pink piggies,

Ten little pink piggies!

mouse paint

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

preschool felt board story

Once Upon a Pea felt board game, the children closed their eyes, I hid the pea under one of the colored mattresses, then I chose a child to come up and pick where they thought the pea was hidden. This was a fun color review game!

preschool paper plate pig craft

Painting the paper plate pigs

preschool paper plate pig craft

After painting the piggies pink

preschool paper plate pig craft

After adding eyes, ears and a curly q tail!

preschool rainbow paper plate craft

The rainbows that the children will make on Friday! I couldn't help but smile when this was done, it is so cheery!

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