Q is for Quail…..

On Monday we started the letter Qq and quails.   We learned all about the letter Q and that it makes the “kw” sound.  The children learned a song to help them remember.  And we made a quail for our craft.  And learned a few action words that begin with Q that we practiced….quick and quiet!

Quentin Quail’s Song

(to the tune of Frere Jaques)

Quentin Quail, Quentin Quail,

Q says kw,  kw, kw, kw;

Queen and quack and quarter; quick and

quilt and quiet,

Q says kw, kw, kw, kw.

preschool book about quails

The Quiet Quail byHeather Feldman, from the AlphaTales book.

quail preschool craft

Painting the quial template brown and added a few feathers

q is for quail preschool craft

The finished quail craft after adding feathers, legs and an eye.

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