R is for Rain and Rainbow…..

We had such a fun week learning all about the letter Rr and rain.  And after it rains you can find a rainbow!  I loved this theme and there were so many ideas to go along with it.


Sing With Me

Rain Song

(to the tune of “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”)

It’s raining; it’s pouring.

Staying inside is boring.

I’ll put on my boots and run outside.

Then I’ll jump in a puddle, deep and wide!

Story Time

books about rain for preschoolers

We read “Rabbits and Raindrops” by Jim Aronsky, “The Rain Came Down” by David Shannon and “Red Rubber Boot Day” by Mary Lyn Ray.  These are great books to read to preschoolers all about rain and the letter Rr.

books about rain for preschoolers

Craft Time

We made rain clouds by painting card stock gray, sprinkled them with irridescent glitter and cut them out into cloud shapes.  We then glued strips of blue crepe paper to make it look like the clouds were raining.

rainy day craft for preschoolers

rainy day craft for preschoolers

We also made rainbows using half of a paper plate, glued cotton balls onto it for clouds and then different colored strips of crepe paper to make the rainbows.

rainbow craft for preschoolers

rainbow craft for preschoolers

rainbow craft for preschoolers

It was such a beautiful day outside that we brought art outdoors.  I taped a large piece of white bulletin board paper to the wall outside and had the children take turns making different colored hand prints to make a beautiful rainbow!  After it dries I will cut it out and add it to our March bulletin board (post to follow all about our March/St. Patrick’s Day crafts)

rainbow craft for preschoolers


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