Spring Time at the Pond….

Spring has sprung in our class room and it was time to change our bulletin board to a beautiful spring time pond scene!  The kids have been busy making fun spring inspired crafts to decorate our board and learning all about life in a pond too!


At the Pond

At the pond on a lazy day,

Fishing and boating, you’re invited to stay.

Waddle like a duck, hop with the frogs,

Create a turtle, sunning on a log.

Use binoculars to take in the sights,

Spy a fish, or a dragon fly in flight.

At the pond the adventure will begin,

So turn on your imagination, and join right in!

Down at the Pond

(to the tune Down By the Station)

Down at the pond where the water lilies grow,

There are lots of animals swimming to and fro.

They dive and splash; of water they’re fond.

You can see the [swans] play happily all day

Down at the pond.

Continue and add other pond animals into the song!

preschool pond bookWe read “In the Small, Small Pond”by Denise Fleming.  This book shows all of the creatures (and noises that they make)  that you might encounter at the pond.

preschool spring bulletin board

The completed board.  This was so much fun to put together as I found more pond related crafts to add on to it.


preschool lily pad craft

We made these lily pads out of the little paper plates and a coffee filter that was colored with a pink marker then sprinkled with water.  Then after it was dry, I gathered the filter and pinched it in the middle before gluing it to the center of the lily pad.


paper plate swan craft for preschoolers


I LOVE this swan craft!  It is so easy and turns out so beautiful!

spring crafts for preschool

This is our gorgeous Japanese Cherry Blossom tree that Miss Courtney made for the board!  It added the perfect pop of pink!  And you can see that our little turtles are  sunning themselves on the bank of the pond too.

preschool foot print robin craft

And our adorable foot print robins perched in our oak tree!


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2 Responses to “Spring Time at the Pond….”

  1. Betsy says:

    I just love your water lilies! My class made some yesterday and they turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing!


    • admin says:

      Thank you for stopping by! It is amazing what you can create with such simple things, like paper plates!

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