Summer time fun!

Summer is here!  We have been hard at work making lots of fun crafts to decorate our room and hallway.

Sing With Me

Summer’s Here

(to the tune: “Frere Jacques”)

Days are longer, sunshine’s stronger.

Summer’s here!  Summer’s here!

Let’s jump through the sprinkler,

Let’s make lemonade,

Summer’s here, summer’s here!



Summer Sun

The summer sun in the sky
Shining, shining up so high
Makes it warm for outside fun
To play at the park and run
To swim hike and fish
And go on a picnic, if you wish!

Story Time


We read “I See Summer” by Charles Ghigna, “The Seasons: Summer” by Nuria Roca and “The Night Before Summer Camp” by Natasha Wing.

Arts and Crafts

Bouncy Beach Balls

summer crafts

We made fun and colorful beach balls out of paper plates that I divided into sections.  The children picked their favorite colors and painted each section to make their own ball.

summer crafts


summer craft

The children loved making paper cups of lemonade with straws and umbrellas made out of cupcake liners and tooth picks.

summer craft

summer craft

Father’s Day

fathers day craft

We made popsicles for our Father’s Day crafts to show our dads how much we love them!

fathers day craft

fathers day craft

fathers day craft

Silly Seagulls

summer craft

I loved these seagulls!  They are made out of paper plates too.  It was a little tricky to cut them.  Once the wings were folded we painted them grey and added legs, eyes and a beak.


summer craft


Our fun summer bulletin board!


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  1. Kim Spurgeon (Leah's Mom) says:

    I love all the ideas, esp. the bird; he’s so cute! Glad they are having so much fun this summer.

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