T is for Tiger and celebrating President’s Day…

Today we learned all about the letter Tt and tigers.  We read a book that gave some great facts about the tiger; what they eat, where they live, what they look like.  We sang a song and then made a craft too.  We also incorporated Presidents Day a little bit into our day as well.  We discussed what the president’s job is, read a poem about Lincoln and Washington and made Lincoln masks and presidential badges too.

What I Saw at the Zoo

Oh I went to the zoo and what did I see?

I saw a great big tiger, lookin’ at me

He went Raaar, raaaar, He went Raaar, raaar

He went Raaaar, raaar, raar, And that’s what he said to me!

preschool book about tigers

Tigers by Laura Marsh

tiger preschool craft

Painting the tiger template

tiger preschool craft

The finished tiger craft. It is hard to see in the picture, but we used small pieces of fishing line for the tigers whiskers.

tiger preschool craft

The tigers have formed the letter T on our wall!

Celebrating President’s Day!

Presidential Poem

February is the month

For us to celebrate

The birthdays of two famous men

Who make our country great.

George Washington was our first president;

He was the best that he could be.

Abraham Lincoln was a kind president

Who made every American free.

presidents day crafts for preschoolers

The Lincoln masks that we made today and Prayer Bear modeling it!

This mask was made out of a paper plate with the middle cut out.  Then we glued a black paper top hat and cotton balls to it to make the beard.

presidents day crafts for preschoolers

Me as President Lincoln!

president badges for presidents day for preschoolers

The presidential badges that we wore today!

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