T is for tiger and turtle too….

Last week we learned all about the letter T and tigers and turtles with fun songs, books and crafts!

T is for Tiger

Story Time


We read “Tiger Can’t Sleep” by S. J. Fore, an adorable story about a very loud sleepless tiger that lives in a little boys closet and makes so much noise they both can’t go to sleep.  We also read “Tigers” by Laura Marsh a book about an up close look at real tigers in the wild!

Sing with Me

Tiggy Tiger

(to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”)

Tiggy Tiger, please make a T.

Touch your toes, then touch your knee.

When you’re tired, take a rest.

Taste the foods that you like best.

Tiggy Tiger, please talk to me.

Say some words that start with T!

Arts and Crafts

paper plate tigers

We made paper plate tigers to go along with our Tiger theme.

paper plate tigers

paper plate tigers

T is for Turtle

Story Time


We read “Turtle Splash” by Cathryn Falwell and “One Tiny Turtle” by Nicola Davies.  “Turtle Splash” takes a look at the life of turtles in the pond and counts them down one by one as they splash into the water.  “One Tiny Turtle” shows the life cycle of the sea turtle, from egg, to their journey from the beach back into the ocean.


Sing with Me

Mr. Box

There was a snappy turtle,

His name was Mr. Box,

He swam in the river, and climbed up on the rocks.

He snapped at the lady bugs,

He snapped at the bees,

He snapped at the fireflies,

He snapped at me.

He caught the lady bugs,

He caught the bees,

He caught fireflies,

But he didn’t, no he didn’t catch me!

Arts and Crafts

paper plate sea turtle craft

And we made paper plate sea turtles too!

paper plate sea turtle craft


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