The world is a rainbow!

This week was all about colors!  We have learned all about mixing colors, matching colors, our favorite colors and singing all about the many colors of the rainbow.

Story Time

books for preschoolers all about colors

We read “White Rabbit’s Color Book” by Alan Baker,”The Crayon Box That Talked” by Shane Derolf  and “Eyelike Colors” by PlayBac Publishing.  I love “White Rabbits’s Color Book” all about a cute little bunny who jumps into different pots of paint to see what he will look like.  “The Crayon Box That Talked” is all about crayons that don’t really like each other.  But when they see what beautiful pictures they can create together they realize that diversity makes them special.  And the gorgeous, vibrant photos in the “Eyelike” book are amazing!



As we read “White Rabbit’s Color Book” we used the color paddles to show how to blend colors to get different colors.

color mixing

Red and blue makes purple

color mixingRed and yellow makes orange.

Sing With Me

Five Colors Song

(To the tune: “Three Blind Mice”)

Red, red, red.  Red, red, red.

What is red?  What is red?

An apple, a rose, and a strawberry.

Cherries growing on a tree,

My nose on a day that’s cold and frosty-

They all are red.

Yellow, yellow, yellow.  Yellow, yellow, yellow.

What is yellow?  What is yellow?

A school bus parked at the school bus stop.

Bananas grown in a land that’s hot.

Daffodils bright in a garden spot-

They all are yellow.

Blue, blue, blue.  Blue, blue, blue.

What is blue?  What is blue?

The sea, the sky and some people’s eyes.

Blueberries picked for a scrumptious pie,

A bluebird flying a-way up high-

They all are blue.

Green, green, green.  Green, green, green.

What is green?  What is green?

Grass and plants and trees and leaves,

Lettuce we put in the salad we eat.

Grasshoppers hopping around our feet-

They all are green.

Orange, orange, orange.  Orange, orange, orange.

What is orange?  What is orange?

An orange, a cantaloupe, and a peach.

A pumpkin, a goldfish and a Cheddar cheese,

The carrot that my little rabbit eats-

They all are orange.

Finger Plays

Five Little Monsters

5 colorful monsters fingerplay

Five little monsters sitting on the floor.

The red one said, “Let’s knock on someone’s door.”

The green one said, Let’s act a little scary.”

The yellow one said, “Why are we so hairy.”

The orange one said, “I hear a funny sound.”

The purple one said, “There’s no one else around.”

Then “WHOOSH” went the wind and “EEK!” someone said.

So the five little monsters ran under the bed.

The Five Color Monster glove was so simple to make, just hot glue pom poms onto a garden glove and add google eyes!  The children loved this and asked to do it over and over!

Alligator, Alligator

alligator fingerplay

Alligator, alligator

Down by the lake,

Reach inside and see what he ate!

I created this fun and easy color game by turning an old Cascade tub into a color munching alligator.  Each child got to come up and reach in, pull out a pom pom and tell us what color it is.  We will be using this a lot this year with the alphabet and numbers as well.

Small Group Activity

preschool color manipulative

For this activity we used Fruit Spins (Fruit Loops) and multi colored pipe cleaners.  The children matched the cereal to the correct pipe cleaner and when they were done they had a yummy snack too!  This activity focused on so many learning domains:  fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, color recognition, sorting and  counting.

preschool color manipulative


preschool color manipulative


color mixing

We had so much fun finger painting,  mixing and creating colors!


color mixing



We cut the dried art work into paint tubs and added rabbit ears to make them look just like rabbit taking a soak in paint from the book “White Rabbit’s Color Book”.


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2 Responses to “The world is a rainbow!”

  1. Kim Spurgeon (Leah's mom) says:

    OMG, I love the alligator you made out of a Cascade tub. I have these on hand all the time so I am definitely going to make one for home. Great way to work on our colors, ABCs, and anything else we can think up. Thanks for the idea!

    • admin says:

      I am so excited that you will be doing this at home! It is such an easy way to make learning fun. As the year progresses I might even add few sight words to challenge the class a bit more.

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