U is for Up….

I just love the Disney movie Up!  Carl reminds me so much of my own grandpa that I get sentimental when I watch it.  It’s such a great movie all about really living life while you can and not missing any opportunities.  I was inspired by the movie to create a unique craft for our letter Uu week.  We also read “Beneath a Blue Umbrella” and made water color umbrellas too.


Read To Me


We read “Beneath a Blue Umbrella” by Jack Pretlutsky.

Sing With Me

(to the tune of “Looby Loo”)

We put our umbrellas up.
We close our umbrellas down.
We give our umbrellas
A shake, shake, shake,
And turn them all around.

Art Time

IMG_4181We painted our umbrellas with water colors to give them a rainy day look!

letter U craftTo make the balloons for our “Up” house, the children used their fingers dipped in paint.

letter U craft

letter U craft

We completed our pictures by adding a house, strings onto the balloons and clouds.


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